Project Feasibility Report

Most projects face challenges not due to the acceptability of business concept (Idea as we call it) but due to their ignorance towards assessing feasibility of these concepts in the given business environment. What is required is not just a business plan but a comprehensive plan to test, correct and update the business plan to suit the environmental requirements. While financial model of a business may be able to indicate the IRR, NPV or Profitability of a Business Plan, it is the Feasibility Report that let one understand overall impact, scope and viability of the Project.
A project must deliver value to all its key stakeholders and not just its sponsors / promoters. Stakeholders include the Customer, Shareholders, Lenders, Supply Chain Participants, Vendors, Staff Team, Government and Society at large.

Feasibility Report

Needless to Say, Financial Modeling is an integral part of the Feasibility Report.  At EffoLogic, we have sufficient experience of dealing with Projects across diverse areas i.e. From Trade & Commerce to Leisure & Healthcare, from Education & Health to Malls & Hospitality, etc. Thus, our team brings required expertise of helping the client at Project conception stage itself so that assessing vital parameters like Financial Modeling, Market Assessment, Product Selection, Capital Structure, Fund Raising, Environmental Impact, etc. becomes easy. We have teamed up with leading technical expert agencies to bring the best knowledge together. Following are key sectors that are presently seeing lot of investment activities and we will be happy to help in facilitating feasibility analysis and debt funding in these segments :

  • Schools
  • Graduate Colleges
  • Specialized Colleges 
  • Skill Development Institutes
  • Public Training Institutes
  • Research & Development Institutes 
  • Primary Health Centers
  • General Hospitals
  • Multi-specialty Hospitals
  • Pharma Manufacturing Facilities
  • Pharam R&D Units
  • Pharma Supply Chain
Real-estate sector
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Shopping Mall
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Land Development & Townships
  • Heritage Hotels
  • Clubs & Resorts
  • Rated Hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • Budget Hotels
  • Bed & Breakfast Hotels
Dairy & Food Processing 
  • Milk Processing
  • Dairy Products
  • Bakery Products
  • Ready to Eat Snacks
  • Frozen Food
Automobile Industry 
  • OEM Units
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Auto Testing Companies
  • Auto-Ancillary Units

At Effologic Consultants Pvt Ltd., we put maximum focus on offering a seamless experience to our clients at early Project Stage and our Finance team ensures to deliver results in a time bound manner on end-to-end basis. For your requirements related to Project Finance, Feasibility Report, Financial Modeling, SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Model, Business Valuation, etc., we are just an email away. Write to us at .